16 Screw Kit Original ES15 OLED Screen Sensor Mini Portable Power Screwdriver Rechargeable Cordless Smart Motion Control

16 Screw Kit Upgraded Original ES120 OLED Screen STM32 Sensor Mini Portable Power Screwdriver Rechargeable Cordless Smart Motion Control Electric Screw Driver for Laptop PC Cellphone Repair Tools

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1-4 levels of speed and Auto mode

The default model is Auto mode, you just need to press the button to use it. And you can choose 1-4 levels of speed and Auto mode after 3 quick pressing the button.

How to adjust the turning angle and spreed?
You can adjust the turning direction by the direction of your hand is turning to. In Auto mode, you can adjust the spreed by the angle of your hand is turning.

Enough for most electronic repairing
It contains 16 size of screwdriver kits, and it is compatible with other screwdriver kits with the same size, which is easy to find.

Just press the button when you need it ON. And it will automatically be in sleep and OFF if you don’t use it for several seconds, no need to turn it off by yourself


Performance Parameters:
Operation Voltage: DC3-5V
No-load Speed: About 270rpm
Electronic Torque: 2.8kgf.cm
Maximum Torque: 30kgf.cm (manual mode)
Screwdriver Bit: 4M hexagon
Charging Time : 45min
Running Time: 30min (full power)
Charging Mode: Micro USB 5V Input

Hardware Parameters:
Body Material: 304 Stainless steel/Copper alloy
Screen: 16*96 OLED
Rotor: Bidirectional overrunning clutch
Gearbox: 1:144 Integrated planetary gearbox
Motor: 25,000 rpm brush motor
Main Chip: STM32
Sensor: Angular velocity sensor
Battery: 300mAh Lithium-ion battery.

Smart Functions:
★Battery low voltage reminder, low voltage protection mode
★User ustomized configuration parameters (such as torsion, torque, etc)
★Open source application layer.

Package Include:
1 x Electric screwdriver
1 x Oxford cloth carrying pouch
16 x Screw Kit:
PH2 / PH0 / PH00 / PH000
SL1.5 / SL2.0 / SL3.0 / SL4.0
H1.5 / H2.0
T4 / T6 / T8 / T10
P2 / P5
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